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San Javier Project

The San Javier Project consists of 19 granted of approximately 444 hectares area. The project is located along the western margin of the Sierra Madre Occidental range consisting of Tertiary aged andesitic to rhyolitic volcanic rocks. Locally, the property is underlain dominantly by four groups of sedimentary to igneous rocks.

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From oldest to youngest these include: Paleozoic aged marbles, quartzites and schists; Triassic to early Jurassic aged Barranca Group (sandstone, siltstone conglomerate and coal); andesitic flows and tuffs, rhyolitic flows and ignimbrites. The known mineralization within the project area is hosted mainly within the Barranca Group sedimentary rocks with minor amounts in the overlying andesitic volcanics, localized along complex fault structures. The mineralization is considered to be intrusion-related, consisting dominantly of a hybrid epithermal vein-type Ag-Au-Pb-Zn system.