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Company Profile

Canuc Resources Corporation (TSX-V: CDA) is a junior resource company headquartered in Toronto, Canada focusing on the acquisition and development of quality resource assets.

Management believes that 2018 represents a generational opportunity to acquire resource assets at valuations almost unprecedented in post world war II market history. Our vehicle for acquiring and developing assets is Canuc Resources Corporation, a public company with an ability to execute on a disciplined corporate strategy.

Canuc is developing a portfolio of cash generating energy assets, and high quality metal assets, with a view to developing meaningful and sustainable shareholder value.

Corporate Acquisitions

July, 2011                   MidTex Oil & Gas Corporation

Feb, 2017                   Santa Rosa Silver Mining Corporation

May, 2018                  Full Circle Energy Ltd.           LOI

2018+                          Continued acquisition program

Cash flow from hydrocarbon production is a component of the Company’s strategy to minimize treasury share issuance and prevent shareholder dilution. Metal asset acquisitions are made in an environment of valuation opportunity which is years in the making.

GSCI/S&P 500 ratio:  equities expensive, commodities cheap