Building a Mine

The San Javier Silver-Gold Project has several important infrastructure advantages. These infrastructure advantages have little relevance in the early stages of mineral discovery but can become relevant, and add significant value, as geological resources are proven up and the prospects for building a mine improve.

  • Three phase power is available to within 100 meters of the project area. The presence of three phase power lines can make the procurement of electrical power for early project or even commercial project development easier and more cost effective. Existing power lines can provide a smaller environmental footprint than newly constructed generator power.
  • Paved roads have been built to within 100 meters of the project area. Paved roads provide easy access for drills, equipment and personnel and can save considerably on project logistic costs.
  • Groundwater is available and plentiful in the area. The presence of abundant groundwater can be a significant advantage in procuring water rights for use in a mill or mineral processing facilities.
  • There is an unused mill near the project area. There is a long history of mining in the San Javier area which goes back to the time of the founding of the town in 1706. The community is mining friendly and the presence of unused mill infrastructure can provide a significant advantage for time, permit and cost considerations during mine startup.

Infrastructure advantages of the San Javier Silver-Gold Project may dramatically shorten the time required to start a producing mine and could meaningfully lessen prospective startup costs.


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